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Chilli Padi Capital
1 min readMay 11, 2021


Our mission is to invest and partner with blockchain projects to provided value added services. Our focus also remains on building a strong community around Chilli Padi Capital.

Along with investments Chilli Padi also offers the startups services ranging from marketing, art work and chat supports on Telegram Group.

Chilli Padi also has a private Telegram Channel. Through our Telegram community channel, our focus remains on the new comers into the blockchain space. Our Telegram channel provides support, guidance, and updates on the upcoming private sales & IDOs on all major launchpads. Instead of searching through multiple mediums, our members are able to get all the info and support on upcoming IDOs all in one place.

Chilli Padi for the community :
⭐️Provide Support on Whitelisting process in upcoming IDOs
⭐️Provide updates on current and upcoming IDOs
⭐️Building a strong community
⭐️A community centric group
⭐️Community Rewards
⭐️Referral Programs
⭐️Lots of exciting things lined up in the near future for our community

Join us today to invest in the seed.

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Chilli Padi Capital